How it all Began!!
Back in 1938, Clem Wilson needed to move his house. However, failing to find a company that could provide this service, he decided to take up the challenge and "do it himself" and has never looked back.

Clem decided to create his own mechanism to relocate his home. He was a firewood merchant at the time, so he had no trouble cutting down a couple of large trees.

He then attached some aircraft wheels that he bolted on the back and a hinged bushman's yoke style drawbar at the front. He then found he had the perfect device for building relocation.


Relocatable Classrooms
House Relocations

The company has always "kept things in the family" and in 1960 Clem's son David opened up its first depot located at Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria. One of our major contracts was the relocation of properties in order to make way for the Tullamarine Freeway.

From strength to Strength.

Over the last few decades the firm has moved from strength to strength. In 1975 the company first began trading as C.D Wilson & Son, when we were awarded an ongoing contract with the Public Works Department to move transportable school buildings.

Trevor Wilson took over from his father in 1985 and his sons Brad and Jason are also involved in the day-to-day operations, taking CD Wilson into its fourth generation.  CD Wilson & Son Pty Ltd have become one of the largest and most progressive removing companies in Australia for both the domestic and commercial building industries and with over 60 years experience under our belt it’s hardly surprising.